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Once hidden in the cabs of road trains on midnight highways, the trucker cap now resurfaces at Knucklehead Shipping Co. in three iconic designs.

Our firm, but flat brim will keep the sun out of your eyes at all events from the local footy game to the opening act at Splendour (and shield you from all the potential hangovers in between). The fine mesh holding it all together gives gents of all cuts, from the hairless to the possessors of flowing locks, a chance to keep it cool.

Not to mention, the flexible snap back can accommodate and fit to Knuckleheads of all shapes and sizes. Available in navy, black and two tone brown, our caps are the perfect partner for debonaire truckers of all persuasions. 

Be prepared for the road.

Our three Trucker caps are now available online and in our flagship store at 462 Oxford St, Paddington.