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A well groomed man is more than his hair; more than his moustache, his beard or his slicked back locks. A well groomed man not only takes care of himself, but of others; he has compliments to give and makes sure no stranger is left alone at a dinner party. He looks good, and that gives him the confidence to make others feel good. A well groomed man walks with an air of adventure; as if he can handle anything that is thrown at him with the same ease and natural grace that he holds his beard comb. Here at Knucklehead Shipping Co, we encounter well groomed men on the daily. Sweet smelling feet slip into Red Wing boots. Hair, once untameable, is put in its place by Suavecito hair creams and gels. Our organic cotton tees smooth over the most manicured of chest hair to the most unruly. 

We have beard oils from Handsome Devil co. Grooming; for the bushy and the mature, and for those just starting out. For the needs of well groomed men, daring men, hairy men, well dressed men, Knucklehead Shipping Co has it all, and more.