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Maybe I should be the one to tell you, if no-one else will, that your life can be the perfect crime.

One that you have the right and the duty to commit. You can wrap your hands around it and bring it to within an inch of its last breathe. It's when you take control of your shit, when you stop putting it off, whatever it is, when you get bold, when you win hearts and woo your enemies, when you bet everything and take it all, that you have become the criminal mastermind you were always destined to be; a strangler of life. And, in this little ladies opinion, there can be nothing more dangerous than a gentleman in control of his shit. Dirty Harry and Steve McQueen, and each and every Bond to come and go, was never found waiting for life to unfold, for danger to arrive. They wrapped their hands around the throttle and choked it, and here at knucklehead shipping co, we present to you two fistfuls of leather in their honour, and for your inspiration.

We consider that strangulation needn't be an act of the violent persuasion. So, let's put aside the murderous and perverted connotations and give you our blessing to you slip your hands into the role of 'The Strangler'. With these gloves, we encourage you to become one with the throttle. We'll keep your paws warm, leather bound and make sure you never leave a trace. Your life can be the perfect crime, all you have to do is choose your weapon; the steering wheel or the handlebars, the nine iron or that old guitar case.

Isn't it time you took control? 


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