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If there is one thing that we try to honour here at Knucklehead Shipping Co it is the notion that fashion may change, but style is forever. The cowboy may re-invent himself, moving from deserts to saloons, from the bareback of a brumby into the saddle of a motorbike, rolling with tumbleweeds to trains, but his nature remains the same.
He is benevolent man yet a dominant force, ruggedly well put together and dangerously skilled with a lasso; slowly meditating and pulling towards him all the things he desires. This cowboy, let us call him "Dixon", has known many faces, but continues to be a gentleman of style and attitude through the generations.

Once upon a time, Dixon woke in the morning and splashed his face from a stream. He would pack up his swag and mount his horse and ride until it was high noon. He'd disembark by the station and sling down whisky in a saloon until he would walk outside to breathe in an early dusk and bright stars. Then the times changed and Dixon woke in the morning and ran some water from the taps through his hands. He walked outside and into the saddle of his Harley. He throttled the beast until it was high noon. He stepped down in town and drank down his coffee and made marks on his map in a diner until he walked outside to breathe in smoke and the buzz of street lights.

These days, Dixon is woken in the morning by his phone alarm. Without time to shave he walks outside into his revamped Valiant and drives until it is high noon. He pulls over in the city and knuckles down coopers in a underground bar until the band is about to start and he walks outside to breathe in a blur of traffic and the city skyline. He still looks up to the stars, for a real cowboy knows no time or age.

Dixon can be found in any country, riding or driving or walking into the high noon, with quiet determination and polite rebellion and from Knucklehead HQ we present to you our collection of Snap Button Dixons for the wearing pleasure of the modern cowboy. A classic long sleeve cut, that has been clothing cowboys for as long as there have been cowboys to clothe. Featuring our 'High Noon' in black, with pearl snap buttons, for the cowboy, throughout all the ages and into the future. Dixons for Dixons; Men who do not follow fashion, but who lead with style. 

The Dixon is available online and in stores in a variety of colours.
Check the full range at 462 Oxford St, Paddington NSW