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A man in a Stetson is more than a man, because a Stetson is more than a hat. It is a way of life. It is, at once, businessman, Conman, musician, poet and crook. Everything that makes up a true cowboy. A man in a Stetson cannot be ignored; he is one we admire from afar or approach softly and slowly with cautious respect. He sits alone at the bar in the late afternoon, shrouded in the mystery and friendly intimidation that comes with raw style and rock'n'roll class. His stetson slightly tipped forward over his brow, reflected back up at him from his scotch, gin, jacks, or dark, dark rum. He takes it straight and it's gone at pace. When he looks my way, he says nothing he does not mean and he always tips. He is a chivalrous heartbreaker. More than a man and hat; they answer to no-one.

Since 1865, Stetsons have been warming the skulls of the brave; the mavericks and the runaway gentlemen.
Here, at Knucklehead, we offer you 'The Saxon'. With a genuine leather interior to give haven to the ideas of future visionaries and brutes, and a felt exterior and brim to cover the casual cock-eye glance or wink in passing. More than a hat; "The Saxon" promises to preserve men of intrigue and honesty, of devilmaycare charm and humble manners.

Keep up the Stetson tradition; become the man you were born to be.

*The Knucklehead Shipping Co flagship store and showroom is pleased to stock the 'Saxon' by Stetson.
Come on by and check them, and all our other digs at 462 Oxford St, Paddington.